Lots of parts 4 sale!!

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Lots of parts 4 sale!!

Postby h-bot » Tue Mar 12, 2002 7:56 am

From: jackdaniel53142_REMOVE_511880_THIS_@yahoo.com

Hey everybody, well ive decided to make my
starfire a full on race car and i'll be getting rid of
everything ive got for stock parts!

I've got just
about everything from my 2 75 Starfires, one complete
whit on black interior, minus dash and the drivers
seat has some bad spots, a posi rear, not sure of the
ratio just yet but i will look if someone is
interested, complete front suspension w/sway bar, car had v-6
w/air all aluminum trim pieces, set of tail lights, set
of front marker lights, set of v-8 mounts and frame
brackets, and thats just a little of it!! e-mail me and let
me know what u need, will answer all!



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