Grand National Spyder in the works...

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Grand National Spyder in the works...

Postby h-bot » Tue Mar 12, 2002 11:14 pm


A month ago I bought a '79 Spyder with a 327 and
4-speed in it. The previous owner cut a few corners and
well...boogered it up a bit. I just got the 3.8 V6 mounts in
today and decided to mount the engine. The engine fits
in there really nicely, but I have a little
massaging to do with the passenger side mount.

engine sits close to the firewall and about 4 inches in
front of the wheel this puppy is going
to handle. The factory turbo manifolds fit really
nicely and there looks like there is plenty of room on
the passenger side for the 3" downpipe.

engine is an '89 Turbo Trans Am (Same as GN....mostly)
engine with 18k miles on it. TTA engines are narrower
than the Buicks because they have different heads and
manifolds to get it into a TA. Also the TTA cranks are
cross-drilled :) It has a hydraulic roller in it and a HUGE
TE-45 turbo on it (66mm compressor). It ran an
11.00@122 in a 3700lbs TTA. I'm hoping that with traction
(what's that?) I will be able to run 10.20s @

First phase is getting it wired up, the GN 200R4
installed and running 1st. Then start doing the necessary
body, suspension and chassis work needed to make it a
street legal DeKon replica.

I'll post some pics
this weekend when I get the engine roughed in...

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