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final tally

Postby h-bot » Sat Mar 16, 2002 3:56 am


well its official im broke.i just paid the bill
for all the parts and machine work on my engine and
the grand total is $2086.90 including $723.33 for
mail order parts $30.52 for carb kit $11.25 for fuel
pump block off plate $8.99 for cam locking plate
$10.00 for used moroso air cleaner and the $75.00 i paid
for the engine in the first place.this is the most
money ive ever spent and the fartest in debt ive ever
been $1200 to be exact.luckily i owe most of it to my
grandma and she's not too concerend about how long it
takes me to pay her back.

the specs for this
engine are:
-68 327 bored .040"
-forged 327
-69/70 350 heads with bronze and hardend steel guieds
hardend intake and exuast seats new 1.94 and 1.50 valves
locks and comp 981 springs as well as screw in studs
and a light pocket port.
-stock forged steel rods
pollished balanced and bead blasted to relieve
-10.5:1 cast flat top pistons
-federal mougal molly
-clemex rod and main bearings
-clevite77 cam
-tru roller timing chain
-comp 282s cam
-milodon head bolts
-felpro gaskets
-oil pump drive with pinned steel collar
-fm oil
stock volume oil pump
-i also have stock 4 bbl and
carb as well as factory v8 monza exaust manifolds
manifolds these are temporary untill i can aford headers
and a tunnel ram.
its goona be so sweet!

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