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H-Body Insurance

Postby h-bot » Sat Mar 16, 2002 2:29 pm

From: fyrftr50_REMOVE_655234_THIS_@yahoo.com

Some people were metioning insurance coverage for
their H-Bodies. I thought I would post my coverage for
my white 1980 Spyder as it may help others in their
quest for fair insurance coverage.

I am with a
company call Lant & Co. and they have 2 policies for
older vehicles. Mine is under a "Silver Wheels" plan.
The car is insured for the appraised value, not the
black book value and the yearly rate is based on that
appraisal value, not the black book value. This is full
liability coverage ($1,000,000), full collision coverage
with a mere $100 deductable and full comprehensive
with a minute $25 deductable. My premium is only $141
per year and that is for full coverage (my regular
car insurance coverage charges me well over $500 for
my other Monza and will only give me black book
value if totalled). There are restrictions, I must have
another car that is insured as my daily, this Monza
cannot be used as regular transportation (driving to and
from work, shopping, business and vacation). But, I
can drive unlimited kilometres a year as long as they
only include things like nightly cruises, car shows,
other collectable car things etc. For this Monza, it is
perfect coverage and at an extremely low rate. They also
have a plan for modified cars based on the same rates
and restrictions. By the way, all figures are
Canadian funds (divide by roughly 1.56 to get U.S.

Certainly this coverage isn't for everyone's H-bodies but
it is a viable option. Keep in mind they are a
Canadian company but I'm sure they might know of U.S
companies that provide similar coverage to older vehicles.
Here is a link to their website for any Canucks
looking for H-body coverage and they might be able to
help the rest of you get decent insurance coverage for
you projects.
<a href=http://www.lant-ins.ca target=new>http://www.lant-ins.ca</a>
Hope this
helps someone.

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