ok it's not an Hbody but,,,,

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ok it's not an Hbody but,,,,

Postby h-bot » Mon Mar 18, 2002 1:47 am

From: Phantom402_REMOVE_687121_THIS_@yahoo.com

Well I had to figure something out for a project
as racing is coming up very soon so I am going to
build a late 70's Camaro for bracket racing.
It is a
stripped out shell but has good floors and quarters and
i'm not looking for a 5 second car,just a mild car to
play with while looking for the best Hbody i can
afford and it not be rusted out.
And heck maybe this
Camaro will be fast enough that someone will want to buy
it or trade for an Hbody.I am going to keep looking
and will store my good hbody parts.Heck i may still
fixup my 75 yet ,who knows.
But i have the need to
construct SOMETHING that i can play with and this Camaro
body came to me for free but i have to buy the parts
car my buddy was going to buy but i will have 200
bucks in it and i think that after i strip off what i
need i may be able to sell it to a fell who wants a
dirt burner body.
This is gonna be throw together
with very little in the way of new parts.
Oh well,
wish me luck.

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