455 History part II...

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455 History part II...

Postby h-bot » Tue Mar 19, 2002 6:47 pm

From: cliffhangeriii_REMOVE_296599_THIS_@yahoo.com

The second car was around an 80 T/A. Elmers
engines was building this car to be a 10sec car. Heard
all about when it was done it was going to smoke
everything on the street. It finally showed up at the track
and I think it ran in the 14s, its been a long time
now, it might have seen a 13, Regardless my buddy Toms
68 Goat would have tore it a new ass. Tom is a very
nice guy, I told him its good a Dick like me didn't
own his car cause I would have lined him heads up,
then when I blew his Big Buck Terror that was supposed
to kill everybody away, I would have showed him that
stock 400 then slapped him in the head with my Dick and
set his car on fire. I hate when I'm threatened with
how fast a car is and a piece of Shit like my car
beats it, Its happened to many times in my life to even
find it funny. Right now theirs a guy in PA. with an
S-10 having Nightmares about my Monza. He runs
anything from a flat top 355 to a 12:1 roller 327 with
700r4 and 3.73s and my slow junk car wipes it off on
the street.


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