4th Annual Midwest Spring HBOA Gathering

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4th Annual Midwest Spring HBOA Gathering

Postby h-bot » Tue Mar 19, 2002 11:45 pm

From: Bacchus_101573_REMOVE_501234_THIS_@yahoo.com

Okay, the 4th annual midwest spring HBOA
gathering is on for April 27th. Usual meeting spot:
Grandstands at noon. Cookout and BS session at my place at
around 4-5PM. All welcome. Important, PLEASE RSVP. If
you need accomodations, please email me. Many people
end up camping out (or sleeping in their car, or if
they're smart, their van, right Ed?). BYOB and a "dish to
pass" (which usually means a bag of chips or a package
of hot dogs). We'll have a cookout, campfire, drink
'til whenever you're done session.

For those
that don't know, Jefferson, WI hosts the midwest's
largest Swap Meet twice per year. For details, go to
<a href=http://www.jeffersonswapmeet.com target=new>http://www.jeffersonswapmeet.com</a>

Those that have made past get togethers
have seen my car in various states of completion (or
disassembly, to be more accurate). I will have the car off the
rotisserie, the 12-bolt and 5-lug S-10 front swap installed,
as well as the paint completed. I may even have the
engine/trans installed and most of the glass and interior
(wishful thinking). A good time had by all.



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