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Electric Fuel Pump

Postby h-bot » Thu Sep 19, 2002 4:31 am

From: blaze_REMOVE_769048_THIS_@yahoo.com

Is it possible that the '76 Vega came with an electric fuel pump? I just
pulled my tank and the sending unit looks like it has a electric fuel
pump similar to the one that was on my Beretta. It's not exactly the
same, but it does look electric and it has wires running from it to the
plug on the sending unit. I was planning on installing an after market
one, but if I don't need one, then that's ok. Please let me know ASAP as
I am working on it this morning.


Jack Eubanks
'76 Vega HB V8<---Getting closer to running
'89 Celebrity I4<---Still runs, what a shock
'89 Beretta GTU V6<---Soon could be in the fleet

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