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Postby h-bot » Thu Oct 31, 2002 2:45 am

From: warmstrong32_REMOVE_630243_THIS_@yahoo.com

Hello Everyone
My name is DAN and i am new to the group, i recently went to a car
show in Biloxi MS called cruzin the coast and saw a lot of cool ass
cars i have at least 100 pics so if anyone wants to see them e mail
me @ <a href="/group/gmhbody2/post?protectID=125166091213099134218149066108114223078208238214209171188199">warmstrong@m...</a> there was a really cool 72 Vega there i
have some good pics of, any way this show inspired me to look into
another Monza which i had one as a teenager w/ a 400 sm block and
loved it i hate i got rid of it, so what i am wondering is if
everyone can give me some ideas on the reasonable setups for a 76 V8
monza that has tubs for huge tires in the back and suspension for
good traction, mine would spin the tires off and that isn't what i
am looking for this time, also the brakes on mine would seem to
overheat and make stopping a challenge sometimes so i would like to
solve that problem also, Any help is appreciated!!!!!!



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