Nasty Little 2.5L Iron Duke Running

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Nasty Little 2.5L Iron Duke Running

Postby h-bot » Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:15 am


I bought a 1980 Olds Starfire from a guys backyard for $50, he said it had a
collapsed lifter and thats why it knocked, yeah right. I pulled the motor
apart and found that it had been spinning a rod bearing for a long time. So I
race preped the block and crank, shot peened and polished the rods. The head
was rebuilt, streetstrip port and polish. Port matched stock intake and
exhaust. Running a hydralic Comp Cams, .489 lift 260 dur cam. Decided to keep
the stock 2bbl VariJet carb. Yesterday I got it running and runs killer.
Rpm's very quickly. I haven't got to drive it just break in the cam and tune a
little. This car was a real steal even with all the stuff I bought for it and
did all the work. This would be the second car I have saved from the junkyard.
All right

Brandon Tyler Sweat
-66 Plymouth Sport Fury
-80 Olds Starfire

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