DISASTER: Death of Iron Duke 151 Version 1.0

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DISASTER: Death of Iron Duke 151 Version 1.0

Postby h-bot » Sat Nov 16, 2002 8:18 am

From: drevil23_REMOVE_971167_THIS_@yahoo.com

After having noise problems with the valve train of my Nasty Iron Duke 151, and
running threw all the parts I finally found my problem while pulling my
lifters. I found one lifter chewed to hell on the bottom, mushroomed and out
of round. So I pulled the cam out and found 2 half flat lobes, surface
hardening gone or going of all of them, chunk of the fuel pump lobe broken off.
There is evidence of metal particles in the cam mains surface. My oil is now
silver colored. The timing gear has pulled away from the cam about 1/4 of a
inch. The cam is a complete FUBAR.

The guy that did my cylinder head rebuilting and porting said that the Chevy V8
LT1 Z28 valve springs have a high seat pressure which caused the cam is fail.
The head was set up for the Comp Cams specs (.489 lift, 260 dur), and need to
be these specs. Comp Cams couldn't make my cam in time so I had another
company do it, to Comp's specs. This cam was wrong in either specs or quailty.
The guy that did my head said if the right cam wasn't used to those specs the
cam would go flat, Guess what? This was a regrind cam, and wasn't done right.
Too small of a cam with those springs just eats the cam up.

SO now I get to take the whole thing apart, pull the engine, check everything,
mic everything, reclean everything. All over again. I am going to make the
cam company pay for all of this for selling me the wrong cam and causing
failure. I talked to 3 experts about this and they all say it was their fault.
I am very pissed.

1979 Pontiac Iron Duke 151CI 4 cylinder
Wrong cam (.489 lift, 260 dur ?)
9.5 Hyper. Pistons
Clevite Bearings
0.030 Bore
Polished and Shotpeened Rods
Everything done.
StreetStrip Port, Polished and Rebuilt Cylinder Head

Tyler "Going to make them pay for this" Sweat
1980 Olds Starfire

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