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Postby h-bot » Mon Nov 18, 2002 12:39 pm

From: blaze_REMOVE_605220_THIS_@yahoo.com

Just to keep everyone informed, I have wired up several items in the
last couple of days. I got the electric fan switch installed and wired
into the dash, it works very nice and is mounted in a fairly good
location, in the flat space to the right of the headlight switch. I got
the tachometer all wired up to the distributor as well as getting the
distributor wired in to the harness. All and all, I made some progress
and hope get the guages in sometime this week. Just wanted to let
everyone who is kinda interested how it was going.

Keep it in the groove.

Jack Eubanks
'76 Vega HB V8
'89 Celebrity I4

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