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Starfire Is OUT

Postby h-bot » Tue Dec 10, 2002 6:32 am


Finally rebounding from the flat cam incident, the Starfire has been running
for 3 days with no problems. This is a high reving 4 cylinder. I am really
surprised how well this car pulls for having a 4 cylinder, 4 speed, and stock
2bbl....mmmmmm...442 Oldsmobile???? It is weird driving this car after driving
a 4000lb BB Mopar with automatic. I will have pictures soon and post them

If been getting harassed alot about why didn't I put a V8 in the Starfire.
Nobody will except the answer of I wanted to do the 4 cylinder. This is a
commuter car with a kick. I wanted to be different. -why didn't you put a V8
in it?-

Tyler Sweat

66 Plymouth Sport Fury
80 Olds Starfire (not Pinto, Honda, old Supra, Camaro, Vega, Monza, Mustang II
or PACER!)

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