The Vega FINALLY LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Vega FINALLY LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby h-bot » Thu Jan 02, 2003 4:12 am


Ok guys & gals,

Here it is. My Vega that some have heard about is finally running. We
got it started tonight and all I can say is OMG!!!!!!!!! It sounded so
sweet and the big cam lope was awesome. It still has some minor tuning
issues and an oiling problem that will be fixed in the couple of days,
but I did get it to run quite nicely. I am so pumped that I probably
won't be able to sleep well tonight, but that is how it goes when
building a race car. I have been on my H-Body project for over a year
now so it is about time to get on the street and the track and see what
she can do.

Speed is just a question of money......
How fast can you go?

Jack Eubanks
'76 Vega HB V8<---Came to life tonight, what a sweet sound
'89 Celebrity I4<---Daily Driver
'88 Beretta GTU V6<---Getting closer to ownership

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