supporting the car while cutting it up

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supporting the car while cutting it up

Postby 76Vega » Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:38 pm

Like the topic says i need alittle help, I'm about to start my frame rails and i need to know where i should support the car while cutting out for the rails, normally this wouldn't be a issue but with the amount of rust my car has i'm a bit concerned about where i should support the car, Lets put it this way when i jacked the car up to do the front suspension i put the jack stands under the front support pockets and the jack stand on the right side went right through it.
I'm going to be running my rails right up against the rockers as they will also be taking the place of the rear control arm mounts so i won't have the rear in the car to use that as support.
I was wondering if i put stands under the front front k-member, where the control arms mount and also putting a set under the rear bumper, would this work? as i only plan on cutting and installing 1 side at a time, then tie'ing them in at the rear and at the trans mount.
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Re: supporting the car while cutting it up

Postby overkillrc » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:48 am

if your cutting the floor to do a backhalf or something along them line i support my by the pinch weld and then have some supports under the tail panel.
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Re: supporting the car while cutting it up

Postby chevy art » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:42 pm

dave ordered the bushings today. good looking out. my buddy in connecticut has a grill and panel above grill and headlight buckets and bezels if you need any of that stuff.. he is usually real cheap with the prices.need anythin g just give me a shout. about jacking and supporting car for backhalve. most important to level out whatever jackstands (or whatever else you use to support it) if car has a little sag you will build the sag in when you welds up new framerails. level front to back and side to side is good to be at when starting. keep in touch art
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