455 into vega?

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Re: 455 into vega?

Postby stage169 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 6:29 pm

Ok, but 60lbs. over the SBC puts any motor into the PIG zone. Dude I'm just kidding, I'd ride in your Sunbird and I would even drive it if you let me :th: Your Sunbird is one kick butt H body! I checked out your garage, where in the heck have you been hiding? :D It was just a number thing on the list and Pontiac hadn't been mentioned yet (unless you count the "P" in BOP at the start of the post) so in the spirit I threw Pontiac under the buss, I know I'll admit it :lol:

I thought about a BBB in my Skyhawk. Cutting the firewall to fit it in is just more than I want to tackle. There are some Buick shows close enough I would like to race at so I'll stick with my V6. Almost went with an LS engine but I'll stay Buick.

Took you long enough, now somebody will post up with a diesel engine! 8) Brian
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Re: 455 into vega?

Postby 455Poncho » Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:23 pm

It isn't anything personal. I just wanted to enlighten others as to the potential of a pontiac. I drive a pontiac g8 with a 6.0 litre in it as a daily driver. Love the small block in that. All in all fun to get groceries with.
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