Remaining HBody parts for sale:

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Remaining HBody parts for sale:

Postby h-bot » Sat Dec 04, 1999 11:42 pm


Ok, here are the "remaining" HBody parts I have
still for sale that either have not sold, or I didn't
keep. If you see anything here that you're interested
in, please email me at and
I'll get right back with you. I have a large list of
those I've sold to already and am so far doing a very
good job of following up with everyone in a timely
manner and being fair as well. Hope everyone is happy. I
hope this list below is fair... some things listed
here I had "no" idea what to ask for them, so if
anyone sees anything w/ an outrageously high price, let
me know and I will change it immediately. (..and if
you find something completely "under-priced", then
consider yourself lucky and buy it! LOL!)

Here is
the "list" w/ prices:

Qty: Item:
2 Complete sets of Monza Mirage panels
2 Extra right front Mirage panels $50/each
Spring rubber pads $2/each
1 Pair of rear axle
bumper stops $2/pair
1 V8 4spd Monza bell housing
1 Cosworth 4spd bell housing $40
1 Cosworth
4spd transmission w/ lnkgs $50
1 Monza 7.5" axle
2.29 ratio (drm-drm) $40
1 Monza 2.29 axle
w/c-arms,pnhrd,sway $60
1 Pair front coil-over shocks (rust)
4 V8 Monza frt sway bars w/bshgs&brkts
1 Vega front sway bar $15
1 Monza panhard bar
w/ mtg brkt & bshg $15
2 Pair of V8 Monza exhaust
manifolds $75/pair
2 V8 Monza water pumps
3 Monza aluminum wheels (bullet hole) $20/each
Monza TH350 w/ 3-bolt tailshaft&brkt $50
1 Extra
3-bolt auto tailshaft & brkt $15
1 Pair V8 Monza frt
springs (HG code) $40/pair
1 Pair V8 Monza rear
springs $30/pair
1 Pair V8 Hooker trans dapt eng
mounts $40/pair
1 Master cylinder $10
3 Power
brake boosters $10/each
1 Master cyl/brk booster
asmbly w/lines$20
1 Hastings 9" Copper clutch disc
1 11" clutch/gear/flex plate assmbly $75
1 Pair
of NEW front gas shocks $20/pair
1 Pair RED
vented non-A/C kick panels $15/pair
1 Pair BLUE
vented non-A/C kick panels $15/pair
1 Pair TAN vented
non-A/C kick panels $15/pair
1 Pair 75-77 4-headlight
chrome bezels $10/pair
2 V8 Monza 3-groove crankshaft
pullys $20/each
1 V8 Monza 2-groove crankshaft pully
2 V8 Monza 3-groove water pump pullys $15/each
Manual strg box w/ pitman ('80 Monza)$20
1 Power
steering box w/ pitman arm $30
1 Power strg box w/
pitman & strg shft $40
1 Hooker transdapt tranny
cross member $20
3 TH350 Monza tranny cross members
1 V8 Monza power steering pump w/ brkt $25
Windshield wiper motor $5
1 Heater blower motor & fan
1 RED hatchback rear ctr interior panel$5
2 W/S
washer fluid resevoirs w/ pumps $3/each
1 Coolant
overflow resevoir (large) $4
1 Coolant overflow
resevoir (small) $3
1 V8 Monza power steering bracket
4 Monza Rally II center caps (bowtie)
MANY 4.3 litre V8 fender badges $2/each
MANY 5.0
litre V8 fender badges $2/each
MANY NEW sbc fuel
block-off plates w/gskt $2/each
MANY "Monza" insigias
(fndr & hdr panel) $1/each
MANY "2+2" fender
insignias $1/each
MANY Silver bowtie strg wheel ctr caps
MANY Red Vega GT strg wheel ctr caps $2/each
3 Blue
Type LT strg wheel ctr caps .50/each


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