I need a good cheap 7.5 monza posi.

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I need a good cheap 7.5 monza posi.

Postby h-bot » Sat Feb 08, 2003 8:20 am

From: ibmavrick_REMOVE_632797_THIS_@yahoo.com

Hey guys!,

My dad and myself are trying to rebuild our 1977 chevy monza
towne coupe. But just like everyone else we are'nt the richest people
in the world. So what we are looking for is a cheap but good 7.5
monza posi., all the mounting bracets for the V-8 like p/s, alt, etc.
and also since we don't have the money right now to re build the V-8
we have to rebuild the 140 thats in it right now and go from there
but we need a part because we don't know in ours is bad or not, the
(pair valve) pulse air injection reactor system. its the peice that
bolts up to the head to make a cleaner exaust burn from clean air
from the air cleaner. we know that we don't really need it we can
just plug up the holes, but we want to make the car as exact as when
it came out of the factory.

thanks, <a href="/group/hboaclassified/post?protectID=203181089237017174036102159248067253094145066046167121181">IbMavRick@Y...</a>
Please get to me if you now anyone who has anything or if you have
some. thanks.

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