"Metrinch Tool System"

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"Metrinch Tool System"

Postby h-bot » Sun Dec 31, 2000 6:43 pm

From: corsaconvertible_REMOVE_509997_THIS_@yahoo.com

Does anyone have any first hand experience with
"Metrinch Tool System" set of wrenches and sockets "as seen
on TV"? The infomercial, like all infomercials, make
it look very good. It can be seen on the web at the
following link:

<a href=http://www.buyitontheweb.com/buyit.cgi/hit/metrinch?mv_pc=choice_inf target=new>http://www.buyitontheweb.com/buyit.cgi/hit/metrinch?mv_pc=choice_inf</a>

Tony Hansen

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