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Postby h-bot » Wed Dec 05, 2001 7:28 am

From: timw48030_REMOVE_238675_THIS_@yahoo.com

OK I really need help Iv been working on the same
problem with this monza that I picked up its a 4 cyl car
with air like I said before its not getting enough air
through the ducts. Heres what Iv done so far 10 days into
it an still the same thing I pulled the a.c core out
of the air box though it was pluged it wasnt but I
left it out all damper doors are working nothing stuck
ANYWHERE theres no air leaks that I can find everything is
sealed up good blower motor works good in the right
direction cage is good to, all vacum pods are working to no
vacumn leaks either, fender air way is clear to , cable
to the damper door for the cold to hot is working,
if anybody can help by giving me a idea I would be
p.s It seems that the that everything is
working good but IM not getting enough air from the motor
PLEASE HELP if you can IM at my end of the rope on this

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