77.79&80 monza 2+2 and coupes 4,6&cyclender &man

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77.79&80 monza 2+2 and coupes 4,6&cyclender &man

Postby h-bot » Sun Sep 15, 2002 11:31 am

From: player_03431_REMOVE_516434_THIS_@yahoo.com

1977 monza coupe w/80.350 4bbl auto shift kid needs paint very
fast .1980 monza coupe 4 cyl 151 auto 43k original 2nd owner .for
more info e;mail <a href="/group/hboatechclub/post?protectID=197128113200056209223107139241158097136158196219183121152006048067">player_03431@y...</a>

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