Mich. junkyard contact / "50 H-bodies"

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Mich. junkyard contact / "50 H-bodies"

Postby h-bot » Tue Apr 02, 2002 2:12 am

From: powermad350_REMOVE_507768_THIS_@yahoo.com

What have I started I didnt realize there was such a demand in H-body
parts you guy's are swamping me. slow down, I am just taking orders
now. this yard is still under some snow, I do know last fall there
were 50+ h bodies here Dont worry these guy's are packrats they dont
crush. I have seen Vega and Astre wagons, notchback and hatchback
monzas,sunbirds, starfires, and skyhawks. Ithink i remember a
Roadhawk or Nitehawk. this is N. Mich. it is mostly interoir stuff,
and bumpers, but we occasionally get some good metal. there has been
such a good response I am going to catalog this and all other H-
bodies I find and post. Because Marco and Bob Gumm are doing such
good job I will post on their websites my findings untill this gets
too big, ( does anyone read High Performance Pontiac there was a guy
named ronnie gates (somewhere S.C.)he had 3/4 of a page at times) AHH
THE DREAM 1 page solid H-body parts. So send your wish list to me at
<a href="/group/marcosmonzamessageboard/post?protectID=197233139056127192169223139240250165026144204051183130252055210">powermad350@y...</a> , i will add it to my list and keep each
customer posted, be patient i havent finished the first chapter of
COMPUTERS FOR DUMMIES yet so if e-mail gets misdirected blame it on
the server, It works for me, gotta go times
expiring Powermad350 @yahoo.com

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