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50+ h-body

Postby h-bot » Tue Apr 02, 2002 3:42 am

From: powermad350_REMOVE_261625_THIS_@yahoo.com

Such a stir I caused, thanx y'all for the orders and support. Looks
like I may have to get my own page. I have been contacted by the yard
where these gems are located. they would appreciate no out of area
phone calls. these guys are genuine Mich hillbillies, the boys stay
in the yard all day, girl friend answers phone, and she doesn't know
anything about what you're saying. They don't have a bussiness phone
so that is why they prefer no calls. But they are open 7 days dawn-
dark, they just let me wander till I find what I want, so please dont
try to contact them, TOO MANY CALLS MAY DRIVE UP PRICES!!! I'm doing
this as a courtesy to you who need parts. so from now on PLEASE refer
all inquiries to me at <a href="/group/marcosmonzamessageboard/post?protectID=197233139056127192169223139240250165026144204051183130252055210">powermad350@y...</a> and I will try to help.
Still not going there tillwe loose some snow, keep ya posted as i
find stuff, look at Marcos or Bob Gumms for updates.I will answer any
inquiry who sends me e-mail, if no answer in 2 days try again I'm
still trying to work the demons out of my e-mail. BE PATIENT PLEASE

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