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trip to 50+ yard

Postby h-bot » Mon Apr 08, 2002 3:00 am


Hey y'all, just got back and heres what I found: 2 75 Vega wagon
interiors, BLACK COMPLETE including dash pads. 2 Vega/Astre hatchback
ints. Black. 3 M, S,S,S. Coupe interiors black 2 A/C, 1 vented. Misc
taillites, grills, and headlite bezels. 2 Starfire noses 1 single
headlite, 1 dual lite good shape. VEGA FIBERGLASS FRONTCLIP DECENT
SHAPE, Fenders, rare but there, better look elsewhere. 2 reardefog
hatchback glassw/wiring harness and switch, good front and rear
valence panels for almost anything, 2 complete M,S,S,S, hatchback
interiors, 1 A/C, one vented kickpanels. 2 Veag front clips, good
shape, and much more misc. stuff not listed here. Most interiors were
colored( not black) so were mostly rotten but can get some of the
pieces that didnt rot. About 22 M,S,S,S cars went to crush(1st time
in 14 years these boy's crushed, they were running out of room) HEY
ANYBODY for a 1972 Buick Riviera COMPLETE BLACK interior w/ dashpad,
VERY NICE!! also have more parts available for other than H-Bodies if
anyone of you can afford more than 1 project at a time. I know I
can't!! This expedition was mainly a scouting mission but I brought
home some M,S,S,S, black hatchbk Ints and 77 Formula Sunbird
taillitesw/ sidemarks and wiring harness if anyone is interested.Also
have many driverside remote mirrors for those( like me) whose mirrors
are froze up, and I can build you remote mirrors for the pass. side,
toggle mounts in lower dash, very cool and factory appearance. if you
need anything just ask. I gotta find more treasure troves to post, my
goal is at least 2 pages. gotta go see ya soon. <a href="/group/marcosmonzamessageboard/post?protectID=197233139056127192169223139240250165026144204051183130252055210">powermad350@y...</a>

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