I am going to the yard this wkend all who ordered

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I am going to the yard this wkend all who ordered

Postby h-bot » Fri Apr 12, 2002 4:13 am

From: powermad350_REMOVE_525027_THIS_@yahoo.com

TO ALL WHO ORDERED PARTS I will get back with you Monday on tha availability
of your parts. If you would like to update your order I will be checking my
E-mail on FRIDAY at 80 PM for the last orders before I go to the yard. This
is great!!!!! I am very encouraged with the response, I met with 2 friends
last week who told me of 2 diff people who are doing the same thing as I am,
but these guy's are doing GTO's and Mopars (why Mopar?) and they are doing
good, so I'm hoping this isn't a small niche market but a BIG NICHE market,
next trip is planned in 2 wks, barring crappy weather and MOREL MUSHROOMS(food
of the gods) I am going to mine out this yard and move on to the next
goldmine. I hope to go national soon,maybe see you at some shows and rallies(
I'll be in the UGLY blue and white old camper,looks like a 71 Ford truck
fenders and glassw/ a camper on it, no dr-pass doors, pulling a truckbox
trailer behind), gotta go I'm PSYCHED UP for this trip. LATER D.G.
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