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Postby h-bot » Fri Jun 21, 2002 7:28 am


To All H-body enthusiaists, I am terribly sorry to report that the National
Hbody locator site has died stillborn due to lack of interest. I have tried to
get more people interested without any luck. I always get people who say they
are going to search for these cars, but as of now ,3 months later I have gotten
0 responses from anyone who has found little stashes of these rare cars. so I
am not wasting my time any more on this fruitless project. I had high hopes for
this project and lots of TALK from people at Bob Gumm's forum but no action.I
greatly appreciate the people who purchases parts from me, but the dream of
finding stashes of these cars for people has DIED, I have almost exhausted my
local source (land of 50 H-bodies) and due to lack of interest do not want to
waste my time searching for more for customers, I regret I will have to keep
all future finds to my self , I suppose that I can still sell parts thru my
email for all who want parts, but I have a shed full if parts waiting for those
nonexistant checks which have never come and they are going into the trash as
my landlord is getting sick of looking at them. So from now on if I sell
anything at all it is CASH(M.O.) IN ADVANCE before I remove the part. My
aplogies to the people who wanted this site to take off(including myself of
course). Thanx to Bob Gumm for doing his part in posting the site and again to
all the people who have purchased parts from me.This is a lesson to me, that
most internet chatter is just that, CHATTER WITH NO SUBSTANCE, PROMISES AND
LIES. Is there any one out there who wants to prove me wrong? MY EMAIL FOR
THOSE WHO WANT TO PURCHASE PARTS FROM ME IS STILL <a href="/group/marcosmonzamessageboard/post?protectID=197233139056127192169223139240250165026144204051183130252055210">powermad350@y...</a> BUT I
I REMOVE THEM FROM THE CAR. GOODBYE and so long to the locator site

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