factory wiper delay

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factory wiper delay

Postby h-bot » Wed Jun 28, 2000 5:20 pm

From: monzamirage_REMOVE_100167_THIS_@yahoo.com

Well hi all once again!! I was lucky enough to
find a intact wiper delay assy complete with wireing
harness and the relay assy that attatches to the ashtray
assy..but now heres my dilema just when i thought i couldnt
be so lucky ..while attempting to remove said assy
from the dash panel the switch cover came apart and
the pieces went zing.......so im not sure i have all
the pieces for the switch to work doh ! So my
question is to anyone who might know if the switch is the
same as say a van 70s style with intermittent wiper or
anything else????? any help is greatly

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