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71 vega oil pan mod

Postby h-bot » Wed Mar 13, 2002 11:12 am

From: desertmouse71_REMOVE_359255_THIS_@yahoo.com

hi guys i hope someone can help me .i'm doing a 350 swap in my 71
vega and am using a pass. side dip-stick block and have to fab-up my
own oil pan. i have all the measerments but i need to know if i have
to cut/and or remove the oil pan baffle.if so what do i do with it ?
thank for your time . armando. e-mail is <a href="/group/monzavega/post?protectID=088143139105035031024200112014062187177005100196197027234150166091061076">.www.a1969chevy@m...</a>

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