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New file uploaded to monzavega

Postby h-bot » Sat Jun 01, 2002 2:20 am



This email message is a notification to let you know that
a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the monzavega

File : / Place you bet online now!
Uploaded by : jonny_wealthburger <<a href="/group/monzavega/post?protectID=045233234185196237028038175064249187174146042102061239161126077059143143083229073098097228">jonny_wealthburger@y...</a>>
Description : Securely place your sport bets online. Click above.

You can access this file at the URL

<a href=""></a>

To learn more about file sharing for your group, please visit

<a href=""></a>


jonny_wealthburger <<a href="/group/monzavega/post?protectID=045233234185196237028038175064249187174146042102061239161126077059143143083229073098097228">jonny_wealthburger@y...</a>>

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