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Hello! I'm looking for..

Postby h-bot » Tue Oct 15, 2002 7:01 am

From: moronmechanic_REMOVE_171334_THIS_@yahoo.com

I have a 75 monza 2+2 gt with 327 and 3 speed manual. I'm in the
process of putting twin turbos on it but I know I will scatter that
rear and the tranny the first time I launch under boost. I am
thinking of going with a manual shift th350 or powerglide, unless
anone has the sag 4 speed I pulled out of there. I exploded the sag 4
speed acouple years ago, are these weak trannys? I have a 6.5 inch
rear with 256 gears in it. I have good pull even past 140mph but I
don't think the rear will hold up to the extra 200 turbo hp. I have
heard a lot about people putting an S-10 rear in there, this might be
the way to go for me. I want 373 gears and posi or locker. What
should I expect to pay for this conversion and is it even a good
idea? How about a camaro rear, I'm using the late 80's camaro torque
arm anyway. would that rear be too wide? What would be involved with
widening the fronted to match? I would like to road race this car if
I can get it to handle. As of right now it's a point and shooter. I
plan on getting the IMSA body kit so I will have room for the new
stance. Has anyone ever set up a powerglide without the torque
converter? Thanks for reading...I'm in Oregon if anyone wants to sell
me parts.

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