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Postby h-bot » Tue Dec 24, 2002 5:23 am

From: RLTHERIAULT_REMOVE_277459_THIS_@yahoo.com

Hello Folks,
My name is Ric. I am here in Loveland, Colo. Beautiful place.
I have a 1976 Vega Gt hatchback. Silver in color ( Silver Bullet ) black
interior. Has a 1970 355 four bolt main cube van motor, built 12 years ago by
one of my friends and is still running mighty strong. Looks pretty rough
though. I will have to leave it this way for the time being. I have another
vega project I'm working on. A 1973 Vega Coupe to put on a 1973 suburban 4x4
frame, it also has a 1972 350 in it.
So you might be able to tell, I like Vega's. I know something about
Vega's and I am also willing to learn.
Also was looking at a 1974 Vega Gt Wagon, pretty much a shell all
except a running engine and tranny for $100.00, but the wife say's no. Too many
cars and parts already. Well maybe more parts at lest. Write me
<a href="/group/monzavega/post?protectID=085151033017040174083222119003047165188222166046167121181">RLTHERIAULT@m...</a>

Thank-you for letting me


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