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don hardy v-8 kit

Postby h-bot » Tue Jan 14, 2003 5:42 am


hey yall, im frm san antonio texas and owned a 1974 vega hatchback,,,black with
a 327 engine, 9" rear end,,,,had alot of fun til the rear end went
thru the rear floorpan,,,,put a subframe in and the rest was history now i
have a freind who is the owner o (2) vega wagons,...we have a dream,...we are
searching for a don hardy coversion kit complate or in parts,...if anyone knows
about one ,...e-mail me @ <a href="/group/monzavega/post?protectID=070233229078193219184161203219053241006105066111234176152211073019">eo.lopez@s...</a>,...or maybe next time i
check-out the group, i'll see something,...if yall have any quetions,...feel
free to ask,...i'll help as much as i can,...thanks yall....

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