JUST GOT. 1974 Vega GT, V8 ready

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JUST GOT. 1974 Vega GT, V8 ready

Postby h-bot » Wed Jul 04, 2001 3:47 am

From: v8gaman_REMOVE_930059_THIS_@yahoo.com

another V8GA will be around in the Pacific NW.
It's a 74 GT hatchback, in primer. race type
interior(we'll say lack of) the body is straight and all there,
snorkle hood.best of all... every last bit and piece for
a clean swap. the Baby carried a 331cid in it's
former life, now the has grown alittle,time for more
cubes. ALSO picked up a 1971 Vega sedan perfectly
straight, an unmolested car all original. missing rear
bumper. now you talk about sleeper. 455 Buick.

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