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Photos Wanted of your H-Bodies

Postby h-bot » Wed Dec 15, 1999 9:18 am


H-Body Vehicles, Emblems, & Decal Pictures! I
need pictures for a huge project. In the end, your
photos will become part of a huge archive showing
everyone what these cars looked like inside and out.
Pictures of the badges and decals found on every model of
H-Body as well as every make and model of Buick, Chevy,
Olds, and Pontiac H-body. I will be making an online
"Badge and Decal ID Guide" that will be sorted by year
and model so you and others can take it to swap meets
to aid your hunt for those hard to find goodies.
Eventually I hope to have 3D renditions of these cars so
that you can turn and flip the car to see it at every

Vehicle Pictures, Interiors & Engines Too !
I'm also
collecting photos of every color of every model H-Body,
including interiors. Send me pics of your car, pop the hood
and take some engine shots too. I would like to have
one set of pictures for each color of each model,
each interior, each engine (including available
brackets & markings), all available wheels, and I want to
have a customs section too. Do you have a restored
H-Body? Snap some pics and show the world what they're
missing. Is your H-body in pieces? Show us what it's made
of, not many people get to see the under-skeleton or
the way the dash is installed. Help me make this
dream come true.

What Pictures Do We Want
Pictures of the vehicle from 8 key angles of the 360
degree plane. Head-on, 45 degree left front, left side,
45 degree left rear, directly behind, 45 degree
right rear, right side, and 45 degree left front. To
see what I want, check out the Photo Guide in the
Photos section. Then I would like pics of the interior
to include door panels, dash, steering wheel,
shifter, radio, seats, rear cargo area, spare tire, engine
compartment, engine accessories and brackets. Scan those pics
using at least a 400 or 600 resolution in JPEG

Together We Can Do It !
I know this is a lot to ask,
but together we can make it happen. So get out your
cameras and take some close-ups and some full-body shots.
Obviously the better the quality of the vehicle or part and
the picture the better chance it has of getting
posted. If you want credit for the pictures I use, let me
know and I will add your name to a log of credits of
those who donate their pics for this project that will
be also posted.

"Building the V8 Monza and Vega"

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