Spyder hood decal (update)

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Spyder hood decal (update)

Postby h-bot » Mon Jan 03, 2000 6:40 pm

From: mahoy78spyder_REMOVE_280901_THIS_@yahoo.com

I talked to Ralph at Stencils & Stripes this
afternoon again... it had been a long time since we talked
and thought I'd check in. The price for the complete
Monza Spyder decal kit is $365 (has always been), but
there are no individual pieces available at this time.
In fact, because of the expensive tooling, etc, he
only makes so many sets at a time and is currently out
of stock. He will accumulate X amount of orders,
then do a mass run of them. He only needs one or two
more to start the next batch. Jim????? you could be
the one... *smile* Anyway, if you ever talk to him
you'd understand his nitch for quality... he is a
"stickler" for doing things right, and in many cases, better
than the factory did them. He'll even get technical on
the phone with you if you want and he'd be glad to
explain how he uses his magnesium dies (rather than the
computer generated, lower quality stuff), what ml. vinyl,
what UV coats, etc..... he's deep into what he does
and enjoys it. There are several kits he doesn't even
make any money on... just enjoys making the
hard-to-find stuff that nobody else has just to help those
enthusiests out. Next on his list.... the Monza Mirage
kit.... it'll be expensive, but for those wanting true
quality for their restoration, he's the guy!

Ok... I've rambled on enough here. Give him a call
sometime Jim, he'd love to get your order.


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