1973 vega wagon for sale...$250.00......

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1973 vega wagon for sale...$250.00......

Postby h-bot » Wed Dec 06, 2000 10:20 pm

From: RAGEMAN2_REMOVE_502132_THIS_@yahoo.com

I am selling my 1973 vega wagon for $250.00, the
car comes with V-8 motor and trans. mounts, V-8
conversion oil pan, driveshaft also comes with an extra
gt-dash extra ,wiring harness, bumpers and some other
stuff, the car does not have an engine or trans(pulled
to make way for a V-8)body work was done by previous
owner, all glass good and interior needs seat covers and
a good cleaning, if interested email me at
RAGEMAN2@YAHOO.COM or call me at 425-514-3501, please take into
account that I live in Everett Wa. so if you are
interested in the car that is how far you will have to
drive, thank you for your time, rick

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