Hey does anybody need a good body to cut

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Hey does anybody need a good body to cut

Postby h-bot » Mon Sep 03, 2001 12:22 am

From: Phantom402_REMOVE_896402_THIS_@yahoo.com

I have a 1975 Monza2+2 factory v-8 w/air dody
only and an Illinoise title that was never transfered
when I bought this car in '87 cause i gave it away
well to make long story short i got it back with
intention of building a race car so last year while my dad
was taking chemo for leukemia(he passed away march
1st) I put my engine and trans in and had added an s10
rearend by cutting down s10 springs (like Ro McGonegal
did the chevette in aprill 2000 car craft)and guess
what the spring pads for s10 are same width as Monza
lower control arm mounts so all i had to do was open up
bolt holes weld some spring pads on the rear end and
weld on some shock mounts to spring pates from
Been running this car almost 50 miles a day or more
since last november (except when I found that the rear
mounting points are sort of rusted loose(car still has
sort of solid floorand solid rockers ) so I got my old
77, that my uncle gave me (so i traded it off), back
and well check out Lee's Monza on Photos its
355,accell super ram hyd cam,991 heads intakes opened up to
1.94's, headman headers,old Edelbrock Scorpion I
intake,Carter competition AFB 600 cfm,and recurved HEI,2 1/2
exhaust w/ afterburner mufflers, and Hurst PistolGrip

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