Originalwheels.com Terrible customer service!

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Originalwheels.com Terrible customer service!

Postby erics77spyder » Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:53 pm

I had my hopes up just a little, while searching for monza wheels I finally came across a website that actually listed 4x4 13" original factory allow rims, steel rims..etc. Unfortunately there were no pictures next to the listings, so i called asking to get pictures before choosing a set of wheels. I first called on Monday and spoke to Chris, I explained to him the problem that there were no pictures for me to choose from. He asked for my number and my email and said they were very busy but swore that he would email me later that night with pics. So today, still no email, I call again. This time I speak to Ricky, same scenario, I explain I called earlier in the week and never received an email with pics or a phone call, he asks me to once again give him my cell number and he promises he will call back and let me know if they have those wheels available, no call no nothing, I thought I should let someone know. I will just have to keep dumpster diving and junkyard browsing until I find what I want at a reasonable price.. :bang:
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Re: Originalwheels.com Terrible customer service!

Postby 79sunbird355 » Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:45 pm

i have a set of that came off my 79 sunbird that im looking to get rid of im looking for a set of good used drag lites 5 lug if your still looking for sum wheels let me know so i can get your email and send you a picture of what i got thanks for reading
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Re: Originalwheels.com Terrible customer service!

Postby occupant » Wed Sep 14, 2011 10:18 pm

Sites like that just list everything they can think of and hope people only call/inquire about the ones they can get easily.

I work for an online car parts seller (all import stuff though) and I try to get back to people in 24 hours or less. Sometimes I get backed up (up to a week once when I had a funeral to go to 1200 miles away) but I got backup from my boss, he'll get me caught up quick and then I can go back to shooting for 24 hours.

I will say when it comes time to get original steel wheels for my Ciera or Torino, I'll probably go with finishlinewheels.com because they DO get back to me quickly and they seemed to know their stuff. Also their website is fun for finding pictures of other wheels I might like, say I get another Buick Century someday, I think I'll load it up with 2005 Park Avenue 12-spoke wheels.
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