So a friend said maybe I should try this to start a business

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So a friend said maybe I should try this to start a business

Postby MonzaRacer » Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:59 pm ... 5fc2f5051e
After trying other ways to figure out how to get started. If I can get something going I fully intend to help other people down the road. So many people so far in my life have done so much for me, but then so far I have yet to be able to get very far ahead. But I will never stop trying.
Figure this, if I own land/property worth something I can get a loan, or if I have a considerable amount of money then I can borrow money.
Go figure, IF you got money and dont need it you can borrow. Be broke and need money to start something, nah sorry your too poor.
Dont get me wrong, I understand but the property I am interested in is worth like 3/4 of the amount I want to borrow.
If I could get into a shop and make money I could also work on my ideas for H-bodies.
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