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1977 Monza Main Dash Plug Harness Identification

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2022 4:54 pm
by fas141
I have a 77 Monza with the full gauge package, tach, volts, temp etc. The original gauges and "circuit board" (green plastic sheet with all the connections) are all old and rusty, dried out etc. I am putting all new custom gauges in. My question is that main plug harness, the one that is labelled 1-9 on one side and 10-18 on the other I would imagine has all the leads to the gas gauge, temp gauge, tach etc. Rather than wire in all new systems for my new gauges I wanted to tap off this main harness and save some time and neatness. Just wondering if anyone has figured out which number goes to what gauge? Thanks for any help.