Navigon 2100 GPS.

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Navigon 2100 GPS.

Postby marco_1978_spyder » Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:42 pm

Not an H body specific part, but something that could be used in one for sure.

If you have the money right now for a good GPS, you'll probably be looking past this Navigon 2100.

But if your out to get a decent GPS for the lowest price, this little bugger is a winner in my book.

I cant say if its direct competitors are any better because I havent used them. But this 2100 is a great little unit for the price.

I found it on a day I was looking for GPS and said I would buy one, but for no more than $150.

I checked the places for a used one like craigslist.

Lots of good deals on used 700$ units for $350 obo.

I did some shopping at some less obvious retailers for a brand new unit and found this one at Staples on sale for $149, new in the box.

I read some reviews. Some good some bad.

I have found none of the bad things with my unit.

I've used it on some 300 mile journeys, and it really performed accurately and well.

It picks up the satellite in a minute or 2.

The indicated position on the map is usually spot on. Sometimes only slightly behind reality.

At highway interchanges it does something cool, that only the Navigon's do.
It shows this 3D "reality view"...that is, the highway offramps appear with orange arrows showing you clearly which ramp to take.
The green signs above the highway look exactly like what you see in front of you.

The voice pronounciation is a little funky sometimes.
For example it couldnt say "buckleyville" correctly.

But its spelled out on the screen anyways so you'll get the idea.

The thing even got me through Brooklyn..Ny. It wasnt perfect, but it will save you from having to get out and ask.....

And in Brooklyn, there was no stopping, and in most places, there definitely wasnt any asking!

It comes with the windshield mount, and cig. lighter / power adapter.

It could stand to come with more detailed instructions, but after a while of messing with it, I can do everything I need it to do.

Including finding a bank or food, or hotel along the route.

I did catch the thing routing me a little funny the other day when I was in town and already new the way home.

So I suspect, a person who knows the area, will be able to 'out navigate' one of these puppies....but if your running solo through cities your not familiar with...this thing is a nice piece for the price.

I'm very happy with it. I've used it the monza and it was waay cool.

An interesting mix of classic and modern technology.

So Thumbs up. Navigon 2100. Staples $149.99
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