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Chuck's adj Uppers

PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:06 am
by NixVegaGT
All in all a good product. I haven't driven on them yet but seem very adjustable. I had a couple of problems:

A couple of the spacers were not drilled all the way through. I had to drill them the rest of the way before I installed them. I told Chuck about this already and I figure he's taken steps to head off this problem. That was pretty much my only complaint. Not really easy to install but nothing in the suspension is easy LOL.

One other thing to look out for: You need the right upper S10 ball joint if you choose to get the S10 uppers. The hole is made for a specific type of flange. Be sure to check your BJ parts to be certain they will fit. I bought the same part # ball joints, same brand and they were different from eachother. Weird. Anyway the issue is exacerbated by the beefier BJ flange on the new UCAs. Not Chuck's problem just something to watch out for.