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Southwest speed

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:54 am
by Sirshredalot
Heys guys...not an H-body specific item....or really even an Item at all

But I just wanted to say, that i have never in my life gotten better customer service than I have from Toby at southwest speed.

I bought $50 worth of caliper brackets from them and spent over two hours on the phone trying to figure out why they wouldnt fit.

He pulled ALL the new parts off the shelf and assembled them on the phone so that we could be looking at the same thing(rotors, spindle, bearing, caliper, and brackets.)....took all the measuments....and looked at all the emails I sent him.

He was never once rude or short or sounded frustrated.

Turns out I have the wrong spindle...but never the less, The customer service was TOP NOTCH!
Cant say enough good things.

God bless