Zurich Beanfest 2011

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Zurich Beanfest 2011

Postby Sunula66 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:56 am

This years Beanfest in Zurich Ontario Canada was recorded as the largest to date!!
The Friday Night Cruise was also the largest but with an unusual Twist. The Cops were also there but this time in Several Police vehicles! Last year got out of hand and thanks to guys loosing control of their minds and risking catastrophe amidst the spectators lined up and down both sides of the steets to watch the burn-outs and dispense water with their garden hoses, these boneheads brought the law to us!!
Some were pissed off that this strong presence of police were here but when you have idiots cranking 6and 800hp between rows of people with children, what do you expect!! You wouldn't stand beside stuff doing that at the drags especially with your little ones and ones in buggies just feetaway! Half of these morons have half of a brain with all of the Horse power and with half of the protection! re: no scatter or Kevlar or other appropriate safety, and throwin stuff sideways for more effect.
One group of "prize-winners" even went to length of installing a track engine in an old beat up pickup! As they sizzled off the rear gumbys an axle got weak and could have very easily twisted into the crowd! Don't get me wrong, I love the smell off dispensing Good Year too as I have participated but there's a big difference from what most of us contribute as a little "bite" and "squawk" as opposed to full-on "launch and burn"!
The 50-50 draw was the biggest at ovr 5400 dollars Cdn.[5250US]I think, and the money raised for the Goderich Tornado nearly 1000 bucks!!! The burn-outs evidently were "allowed" on the secondary roads out in the country where the farm community volunteered 45 gal. drums of H20 and dispensing pail amounts of water to the contributies with tire to donate!! We could see the smoke in the air 2 miles away to the west of town!! KOOL this way if anybody got sideways, they'd go for a bumpy ride through the pasture!! :th: :shock: :lol:Look Out Bossy th' Bovine!!
By the way, does anyone know the owners of the 2, I said TWO, very tough lookin; VEGA'S built to the hilt! the black one was at the cruise Fri. but didn't participate, too badd cuz as it was running down the street, everyones jaw dropped and mine left an impression on my Shoe!!
The beautiful "blue" one was on display on Sat. but I didn't catch the owner when I went over to see after I parked the Sunbird on the east side by the creek. Evidently, I was not Alone with H-Body!! and as usual, people were very surprised by my car and I instructed many to go to our site to view our vehicles! :th: hey, gotta keep the dream allive! :lol:
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