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Cosworth #777 Alive & Well at a Show

PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 12:23 pm
by dadhad1
Was at the last car show of the season for me on Saturday.
What strolls in, but a well taken care of 75 CW.
Fortunately we got to park together.
Still owned by Doug & Linda Yeaton from Epsom, NH.
(Pretty well equipped, it actually had re-defog) He doesn't want to break that glass...
Very nice couple.

Seems the recent record for Vegas pictured at a show together seems to be 3.
We'll have to work on getting that beat next year !
There's a half dozen or so Vega owners in southern NH / MA, so we'll have to get more together next season for a meet/greet pics.

Side by side pics on the thread...
A Cosworth and a 'Wasworth'.