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Detroit Swap Meet/Gathering

PostPosted: Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:17 pm
by Monza Harry
Well the January Swap Meet is two weeks from this weekend (now over) I am hoping that those of us in the "Metro Detroit" area could meet up at this area swap meet for a mini gathering of H-Body enthusiasts. This isn't an H-Body meet by any means, most times there aren't any H-Body parts at all but sometimes there are. I am not sure how far I would drive to attend, but if you are into this sort of event you will not likely be disappointed as it is one of the largest in the area (about 1/2 of the "fairgrounds" meet but still a lot of stuff and vendors from quite a distance sometimes show up. I hope that we can get some interest in this gathering, if for nothing more than to get out of the house on a winter day. Lets Have a Good Time! P.M. me for a meeting place Harry