Transaxle swap

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Transaxle swap

Postby SagginWagon » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:18 pm

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has ever done, or has done some looking into, swapping in a transaxle. Ive tried to use the search function, but ive not come up with any results.

Theres a few reasons why I'm looking at doing this;
1. There's only 2 (maybe 3) options for transmissions with the engine I am using. This opens up other avenues.
2. It means I dont need an adapter plate to run a difderent transmission.
3. Better weight distribution.

Originally, I had thought about a transaxle from a corvette. That poses a few problems, mostly from size amd layout. It's quite long, with the output shafts located at the rear. This would put the front of the transmission, near the front seats. This would obviously require a lot of modifcation to the Floor pan, and not being able to have the rear seat at all.

The other idea is a Porsche transaxle, which is more compact, and the outputs are about midway in the body of it.

Thoughts? Experience?
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Re: Transaxle swap

Postby Smiley » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:03 pm

What engine are you using?
Are you looking to move the engine or keep it in the front?
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Re: Transaxle swap

Postby Diesel Dan » Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:10 am

While not a complete transaxle like you are refering too I considered some kind of IRS assembly.

Like from a 1st gen Miata, Subaru etc. Something that uses a suspension cradle and only needs 4 mounting points for the cradle.
Would be more for a better handling I4/V6 car is what I was thinking.
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Re: Transaxle swap

Postby Monza Harry » Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:46 pm

Saggin', I was looking into this [for another "pipe Dream'....I mean project] and the Monza, and I found (on a now, long dead web site) some info, the primary premise was that the front wheel/AWD Audi A4 longitudinal transaxle [from a turbo, for better ratio's with a V8] with some inexpensive mod's could handle upwards of 500 ponies. This would then put the transmission where the fuel tank used to be, so the fuel would have to go in the backseat or with some big creativity, along both sides of the transmission, with the exhaust exiting in front of the rear tires(?). That would give a 5 Speed Auto (I am unsure of the "Three Pedal's version" availability, with a much more favourable rear weight bias 2 extra gears over original this would parallel the Porsche 924/944 layout, the magazines went Goo Goo,Gaa Gaa over that cars' balance. There are other choices but strength or cost become big factors that aren't easily overcome. Just some thoughts, I am not sure how these line-up with your "list" but that is what I can offer up. Dan check out "NixVegaGt's" Project journal he did the Mazda RX7 IRS swap but his thread went "Dark" just about ~80% complete. TOO BAD! He was building a REAL COOL car there. Harry ... =4%26s=730 viewtopic.php?t=19422 P.S. These are expensive options here, an older on (my search would have been 5 yr. old used back then, about 15 years ago), so these years would have fit, and if you can find a used one and can re-build it yourself maybe it could work.
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