clutch fork question

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clutch fork question

Postby cerealkiller » Sun Jul 22, 2007 11:03 am

Im putting a Muncie in my 72 Vega with a Lakewood bellhousing and hope to use the factory clutch cable to make it work.Does G.M. still sell the cable operated clutch forks or does someone have a used one for me?Is there a better way to do this?Will the cable operated clutch fork work with my Lakewood housing?Thanks
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Postby bill1978v8 » Sun Jul 22, 2007 11:17 am

If it's the Monza style bellhousing it'll take the stock cable operated set up. I'm not sure about the availablity of the stock fork.

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Postby Sirshredalot » Sun Jul 22, 2007 11:14 pm

Do you already have the lakewood bell?

Lakewood makes a cable clutch bellhousing.

Does your bellhousing have the fork hole on the driver side at 9:00 or 7:00?.....7:00 is right....9:00 is wrong.
Another way to check is to look at the clutch/motor side of the bell and see where the fork pivot is located, if its higher than the pilot hole for the trans than GOOD, if its right next to the hole BAD.

Other than that, if you dont have the cable clutch bell than you are gonna have a hard time getting the cable set up to work....youll never get a bell crank to fit...especially if youve got headers.

If you dont have the correct bellhousing than the only way to use it is to use a hyrdraulic Throw out bearing...NOT THE HYDRAULIC SLAVE CYLINDER.

This is the only way to have enough clearance on the driver side to get anything to work without having the monza/cable style bellhousing without lots of surgery.

You can no longer get the clutch forks tothe best of my knowledge, but take a look at the 85-93 mustang 5.0 clutch forks....theyre very similar....some fab work might be needed but might not have far to go.

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