Which Clutch kit , flywheel , and TO bearing to buy?

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Re: Which Clutch kit , flywheel , and TO bearing to buy?

Postby keithnh » Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:49 am

Still boogered and its getting worse :) Think I now understand that harmonic balancer may be playing a part in the balance equation as well and may not be neutral. Not having luck finding a replacement for the factory elastomer based unit that would be a good idea to replace while Im at it possibly for that reason. Can find a repair sleeve .. not sure that brings the 32yo part back to like new performance. The balancer does have an important function itself never mind possibly being weighted for external balance. TAperformance offers an adjustable one in the 300$ range. As well as a flywheel in a higher range. Neither them or McLeod was very helpful to me in understanding the issue or helping me determine what was necessary if I wasn't going to buy their units ... par for the course I guess ... just makes me less likely to deal with them. Think its 200$ to have a flywheel balanced @ machine shop. Would rather pay them than deal with people who have to hide information to sell overkill parts. Maybe I can have the elastomer redone in the factory balancer and it balanced as well at the shop. Will see if block has dual holes possibly for starter mount with either 160 or 153 tooth flywheel when motor pulled. And maybe copy the weight scheme from flex-plate onto flywheel. Motor didn't shake the 40000 miles I drove it. Rock Auto LFW-131 or Sachs NFW1017 shows 153 tooth fitting even-fire 231. 56$ or 88$. Trial and error I guess. Buick V6 book will be here Wed. Maybe it will help.
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