Upgrading the 7.5 26 spline to Moser 28 spline axles

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Upgrading the 7.5 26 spline to Moser 28 spline axles

Postby kenimpzoom » Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:58 pm

So after I twisted my axle in half, I decided to upgrade to 28 splines.

So I ordered the 28 spline Moser axles A102807 and a 28 spline mini spool MS7.5-28 to go in the carrier.

Little did I know that the 7.5" 26 spline carrier wont handle the 28 spline axles, the holes on the sides are too small. I was looking at just drilling out the carrier, but then realized the 28 spline mini spool wont fit.

When GM upgraded to 7.625 (7 5/8) rearend, not only was the spline count increased to 28 splines, but also the carrier internals was made bigger. The 7.5 wont work at all.

So I got a new 7.625 28 spline carrier, bolted my old ring gear to it, set the backlash, installed the mini spool and it all works.

Then I had to get new brake drums, which I got new for around 70 bucks a pair. They were for an S-10 or G Body. They fit perfectly.

And lastly, I got more craigslist wheels, which fit perfectly.

Monza is back on the road with a stronger rearend, 5 lug wheels in the rear, 4 lugs in the front.
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